As each year draws to a close, we love looking back at the most popular Good News Shared stories of the year. Here are 7 of the most popular Good News Shared stories of 2018:


1. Texas boy helps to rescue more than 1,000 dogs from kill shelters

7 Amazing Animal Stories From 2018

6 year old Roman McConn visited a rescue shelter when he was 4, and left with a dog and the motivation to get all the other dogs in there a home too. Project Freedom Ride was born, and to date, it has raised enough money to save more than 1,000 dogs, pairing them with families or placing them with rescue groups until they can be adopted.

Roman has shown us all that we really can change the world no matter our age!

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2. Meet the 14 cats celebrated in the UK for their heroism, survival and companionship

7 Amazing Animal Stories From 2018From fearless felines that saved the day to miraculous moggies who provide a lifeline in medical emergencies, these 14 cats have made a huge difference to their owners’ lives.

These cats highlight how much we can all benefit from having pets in our lives.

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3. Adopted kitten cries all night for his Sister, who is then adopted by the same family

7 Amazing Animal Stories From 2018

When Alana Hadley met Ares at Wisconsin Humane Society, the Door County Campus, it was love at first sight.

Unfortunately her lovely new kitten didn’t settle in as well as she’d hoped, but she quickly found a way to put that right.

This lovely story shows how things don’t always go to plan, but that doesn’t mean we should give up or get upset as there might be a way to get over the hurdle.

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4. Yorkshire Terrier and kitten form an unlikely friendship

7 Amazing Animal Stories From 2018Bella, a six-month-old Yorkshire Terrier, went into a foster home whilst waiting for her forever home, and came out with a very unlikely friendship.

Instead of befriending Lola, the Labrador, Bella struck up a friendship with the foster family’s little kitten Millie.

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5. Dog snatched by eagle returns home safely thanks to a kind stranger and Facebook!

7 Amazing Animal Stories From 2018When an eagle swooped out of the sky and snatched Zoey up in its talons, Monica thought she would never see her dog again.

Luckily, she was wrong, and Zoey was found later that afternoon, six kilometres away.

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6. Family reunited with their long-lost ginger cat after five years of heartbreak

7 Amazing Animal Stories From 2018Samson went missing in October 2013 and, since then, Hannah never gave up hope of finding him again.

Her faith was restored last month when she received a call from Cats Protection’s Derby Adoption Centre saying Samson had been handed in.

This story shows just how important it is to never give up hope, and to make sure microchips are up-to-date.

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7. Border Collie goes from rescue dog to rescuer

7 Amazing Animal Stories From 2018Matthew, who was already volunteering with Severn Area Rescue Association (SARA), wanted to give a forever home to a dog who could potentially become part of the specialist team. When he met 6 month old Dyno, he saw huge potential as soon as they met.

And he was right, as Dyno has gone on to qualify as a search and rescue dog.

Read the full story here.


7 Amazing Animal stories from 2018

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