Good News Shared is two today! We have started a new campaign to make ourselves sustainable, and have been looking back at the last two years to see what lessons we have learnt.

Here are five lessons we have learnt over the past two years:

  1. People are interested in reading and hearing good news

250,000 Page Views in Two Years

From the messages we receive, our following and engagement on social media and our reader numbers, it’s clear that people want to hear about the good stuff happening in the world. We aren’t anywhere near the readership of the Daily Mail online, but we never expected to reach those giddy heights within two years. Over readership has increased from year one to year two, which is something we are happy about, and over the last two years we have had almost 250,000 page views.

  1. Journalists are open and even keen to feature charitable stories

250,000 Page Views in Two Years

One of the reasons we started Good News Shared two years ago was because we were tired of all the negative news in the papers, and the fact that charities are rarely featured. Turns out it doesn’t have to be that way – journalists at top publications have said that they want to cover charity stories. If we had not heard them say it ourselves we’re not sure we would have believed this, but we did and we do believe it. Now it’s up to people working and volunteering for charities to get their stories into mainstream media. These tips from the event will help.

  1. Good news can really help improve mood and give people perspective

I know this both from personal experience and from messages we’ve received from our readers. The last few months have been difficult for me following a bereavement in my family. Writing and researching stories for Good News Shared has helped me through this time as it has shown me how incredible people are. In particular, young people who don’t let illnesses or difficult times hold them back have really inspired me.

  1. People are amazing

250,000 Page Views in Two Years

We knew this already but every day we discover someone who has done something incredible. Like the people on our podcast or these 8 incredible people I’d still love to meet.

  1. Simple acts can really make a difference to someone

Smiling, holding a door open, saying thank you – all these small things can really make someone’s day. This story about a guy letting an elderly person sit on his back always makes us smile. It’s a great example of a charitable act that many of us could do. Again, this is something we already knew but the Good News Shared stories have reinforced this idea for us.

Thank YOU!

We would not have reached this milestone without our incredible Ambassadors and volunteers who have written articles for us, helped us with Facebook and Instagram, given us SEO advice and support, redesigned our website, helped us spread the word about Good News Shared, and much much more – a massive thank you to everyone involved.

If you would like to help us keep Good News Shared going and growing for many years to come please support us by making a pledge of just $1 a month (about 70 pence). $12 a year (about £8.40) from you will help us make Good News Shared sustainable. It’s really quick and easy to do, and would mean so much to us. Click here to pledge your support today!

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Nisha Kotecha is the Founder of Good News Shared. Having worked and volunteered for charities in the UK for over 10 years, Nisha is on a mission to highlight how amazing charities are.

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