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Good News Shared podcast

Episode 0: What is the Good News Shared podcast all about

Episode 1: Volunteering is in my DNA, Roger Hailwood, a volunteer for the National Memorial Arboretum

Episode 2: Dimbleby Cancer Care Volunteer Meets Samantha Cameron

Episode 3: Volunteering abroad will completely change your life, Karen Daly, volunteer for CIWY

Episode 4: How supporting a small charity with their social media can make a big difference, Harriette Douglas, volunteer for Africa Advocacy Foundation

Episode 5: Helena Martins on Deafness and How to Prevent Hearing Loss, volunteer for Action on Hearing Loss

Episode 6: Student Spends a Week in a Wheelchair to Raise Awareness of Something Close to Her Heart, Karen Thomas, volunteer for Back Up

Episode 7: Award Winner Abigail Hayes Encourages Other Young People to Volunteer

Episode 8: What it’s like to Cycle in London: Leigh Gravenor, volunteer for Sustrans

Episode 9: What it is like to spend a week in complete isolation, Bobby Brooks, volunteer for Contact the Elderly

Episode 10: Best friend inspires award-winning teen to volunteer

Episode 11: Brandon Trust Buddy shares her volunteering experiences

Episode 12: What it’s like for Prisoners Abroad and their families

Episode 13: “I Never Dreamt When I Joined the World Would Open Up to Me”

Episode 14: Halow Project: Helping Hundreds of Young People Live a Fantastic Life

Episode 15: Couneslling in Schools help Children Talk about their Problems

Episode 16: Recognising what you CAN do is really important – Jonathan Levy, Dyspraxia Foundation Trustee

Episode 17: Small Amounts of Donated Technology Make a Big Difference to schools in Tanzania

Episode 18: Fundraising Goals helps Debbie Lose 12 stone in weight

Episode 19: Giving Children the Opportunity to Accept themselves in just one week

Episode 20: Young Women’s Trust volunteer talks about confidence, Beyonce and Apprenticeships

Episode 21: Why I’m swimming 3,800 miles between New York and London in a world record attempt

Episode 22: A special story for Thanksgiving

Episode 23: Something we can all do to help refugees 

Episode 24: North Londoners Show they Care through Intergenerational Befriending  

Episode 25: How an organisation is building confidence and aspirations of girls across the world

Episode 26: Charity Teaches Boys in Uganda that Menstruation is Normal

Episode 27: Happy New Year! The top 3 Good News Shared podcasts from 2015

Episode 28: Using Recycled Computers to Change the Lives of Young People in East Slovakia

Episode 29: How African Promise has provided more than 500,000 meals to children in rural Kenya

Episode 30: How CLIC Sargent helped a Hodgkin’s Lymphoma sufferer go to university 

Episode 31: Volunteering Stalwart awarded British Empire Medal

Episode 32: How small change creates a BIG difference

Episode 33: You can’t do everything. You can’t do nothing. You CAN do something 

Episode 34: How volunteering led to a job in the Third Sector

Episode 35: Lives of 10 million children changed forever thanks to education

Episode 36: Encouraging young people to become Charity Trustees

Episode 37: Why All Young People Should Consider VSO’s International Citizen Service Programme

Episode 38: Act Now to Cure Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Episode 39: Opportunities are out there, go for them! 

Episode 40: Incredible Teacher Runs 12 Marathons in 12 Months following Student Illness

Episode 41: Skin Deep Behind the Mask Supporting People With ALL Types of Skin Conditions

Episode 42: Charity Week Bringing People Together to Break Down Barriers

Episode 43: Volunteer One Hour, Get One Hour for Yourself via Time Credits

Episode 44: Pump Aid Working to Bring Sustainable Water Solutions to Malawi